Join friends Danielle, Michel, and Sharonda for their weekly podcast covering a variety of topics discussed between us girls over wine. Listen each week as they critique a bottle of wine and try desperately to navigate life's endless ups and downs

Introducing a NEW SEGMENT
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What is it? Send us your questions and we’ll tell what we’d do if we were presented with the situation

Got issue with your mama? Need to tell your man that you might be a man? Let us help you and find out What Between Us Girls would do. 

Episode: 55
Dilly! Dilly! Gather 'round Lords and Ladies! This week, the ladies welcome mystic tarot reader, astrological guru and all-around magical-homegirl, Dee Fells. Dee shuffles up her cards and delivers the dish on the ladies' year ahead. What sort of delectable excitement and adventure does the future hold for our podcasting trinity?? Tune in and find out!

This is the dawning of the age of B.U.G. ...

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