Episode 47 - There Goes My Herpes

This week, the ladies keep it simple, by going sans guest and swimming deep in some good old fashioned girl talk! The panel’s discussion surrounds Usher Raymond (Ursher to senior members of the black delegation), his real/faux herpes and why everyone was all up in arms about the possibility of him doing the horizontal polka with the thick snack that is Quantasia Sharpton.
Be like ‘Tasia and hop on this biscuit and gravy train to listen…

Episode 40 - Get Out!

   This week, the ladies get super serious for real and welcome domestic abuse survivors Shantia and Christina as they bravely share their truth. Join the panel as they discuss the real life horror story that haunts as many as 1 in 4 women, ages 18-24. Hear why all love ain’t good love. This is some tea that you may want to drink…

Episode 38 - He Smells Like Old Proscuitto and Sandwich Spread

   This week, the ladies welcome fabulously filthy storyteller, award winning host of the podcast Probably True and English bloke – Scott. Join the panel as they discuss how you can tell if the feeling isn’t mutual and annoying things that make you lose interest in a guy. A British accent makes everything better! Grab some tea and biscuits, plop some ear muffs on mummy and listen…
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